Starting to love it

Nations league – I’m thinking WOW!

The Match between Denmark and Wales were in many ways what I used to miss in those boring friendlies. I saw players fighting for the win, I saw players celebrating goals like they were playing a World cup final and I saw spirit like I havent seen in a non World cup or European Championship Match in like, ever. I’m really getting fired up for this Nations league guys! Usually we miss the good stuff, when we hit the national break. After watching Denmark kick some Bale ass though, I’m already looking forward to monday. Ireland are visiting and they will want some revenge for us slapping them silly in the World cup play-off rounds. Denmark are already winners of the group, so no matter what – we are winners.

Generally, this round of the Nations league were very exiting. Croatia beat Spain, Holland Beat France – the world champions and former world champions Germany, are going down to play the second best teams of the world in the Nations league. How much should we putt in to this though? How can Germany not be better than that? Are Croatia really better than Spain? Are Denmark good enough to be in the “big leagues” and can the likes of England and Italy stay up there?

I’m honestly excited by this Nations league stuff. Let’s see how it all ends up.

Check out link below:

Manchester City’s letter to UEFA


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