The art of loyalty

Where did the loyalty go?

What is loyalty in the game of football? To me loyalty is about placing the feelings for your club above the extra billions you can earn by changing to a club where money are much more worth than the human being. Football is better when played with your heart and let’s be honest – players like Neymar, Hulk and Paulinho seem to be thinking money before emotions. Just a coincidence that they are all Brazilians though. No problem with that, but personally I rate players like Gerrard, Totti and Xavi higher. Personally I have spoken a lot about loyalty in football over the years. Mostly because it’s such a rare thing these days and when I finally see it, I just fucking love it. That’s why I decided to pay tribute to the few out there who placed the love for their home way above money and trophies.

Here are our top five in the art of loyalty:

Francesco Totti.
Carles Puyol.
Paolo Maldini.
Steven Gerrard.
Iker Casillas.

Francesco Totti:

This legend is, to me, number one when speaking of loyalty. He started in Roma as a youngster back in 1989 and he didn’t quit the club until 2017. The day he stopped playing were not only a sad day for Roma, it was also a very sad day for football in general.

Carles Puyol:

Barca have had a lot of legends, but the legend of Puyol is better than most. He had a warriors instinct and a Barca heart like few. He never left his beloved Barca. He arrived in Barcelona in 1995 as a young lad and didn’t leave until he ended his career in 2014.

Paolo Maldini:

The child of a legend and later he became one him self. Paolo Maldini – probably the biggest legend AC Milan has ever seen. He started as a young boy in AC Milan in 1978 as mini Maldini and ended his career in AC Milan in 2009 as the perfect defender.

Steven Gerrard:

Captain fantastic does not need any words from our lips. We all know him as a top three Liverpool legend. Liverpool will never see a man like him again and he will go over in history as the greatest captain Liverpool has ever seen. Loyalty makes legends!

Iker Casillas:

Wow, what a goalkeeper and what a legend. Still can’t stand the way Mourinho ended his Real Madrid career. One of the greatest goalkeepers ever and a real “Madridista”. Casillas deserves all the love he can get in his home of Real Madrid.

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