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Jürgen Klinsmann

BallsBallsBalls have decided to honor some of the legends around the world individually. We have seen so many great players from all over the world and it’s time we take them one by one. We have already focused on legendary teams and now it’s time we focus on the individuals from every continent.

Todays European legend is Jürgen Klinsmann!

Mr. Klinsmann is one of the greatest attacking players the world has ever seen. Five different countries have had the pleasure of his abilities on club level and he is regarded as a true legend every where. In Germany he is widely regarded as a true great even though he has left his home to live in USA. The son of Jürgen Klinsmann regard him self as an American and at the moment he is playing for the USA national youth team. How the Germans feel about that is the big question.

Daddy Klinsmann is definitely a German though and a very proud one – even though he also played Matches for USA. The World cup win in 1990,  the European Championship win in 1996, eighty-two Matches and forty goals makes him a legend no matter how far he chose to travel just before his career ended.

Bye Bye Germany!

On club level Jürgen Klinsmann really made him self a legend. As a youth player he started playing in TB Gingen, but already as a young player he had ambitions. He moved up to SC Geislingen and after that to Stuttgarter kickers – a team that ended up giving him his senior debut in 1981 at the age of seventeen. In 1984 he chose to climp the ladder even further to the big brother in Stuttgart, VfB Stuttgart. For five years he scored and scored for the team that ended up making his dream come true.

He was now a football star. In Germany at least.

What followed was a little weird. He traveled to Inter in 1989, where he played until 1992 and two years in AS Monaco followed. After that one year in Tottenham Hotspur before he went back to Germany to play for Bayern Munich. That wasn’t the end though. He traveled back to Italy two years after arriving i Bayern to play for Samdoria, but one year after that he was loaned back to Tottenham where he ended his career in 1998. In 2003 he decided to play some Matches for Orange County blue star in his new home, USA.

For Germany a football legend, for Stuttgart a football legend and after that – money-making?

Most important individual awards:

Bundesliga top scorer: 1987–88
West German Footballer of the Year: 1988
German Footballer of the Year: 1994
Tottenham Hotspur Club Player of the Year: 1994
FWA Footballer of the Year: 1994–95
FIFA World Cup All-Star Team: 1990
PFA Team of the Year: 1994–95
ESM Team of the Year: 1994–95
Ballon d’Or (Runner-up): 1995.

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