Sønderjyske – Brøndby

Third in a row!

Sønderjyske was the better team, but Brøndby was clinical in both ends.

Sønderjyske – 0
Brøndby – 2


Hany Mukhtar, Kamil Wilczek.

Played at:

Sydbank park.


Sønderjyske is a decent team and they certainly tried their best to beat the visitors, but Brøndby were to clinical all over the pitch. It wasn’t pretty, let me make that clear, but it doesn’t have to be. Brøndby need all the points they can get and right now thing are working out just fine. The only thing missing is the creativity, but as it is at the moment, structure is chosen before just that. Alexander Zorniger is showing how good he is. Many were starting to doubt his abilities, but I want the doubters to eat their words and just give them self at little smack. Just to make them believe in the fact that no manager is God. When changes are made, time is needed.

Match hero:

Another one who has had a tough time in Brøndby is Marvin Schwaebe. He has been really bad looking and I must admit, that in this case, I was one of the doubters, so I will eat my word on this one and I’m smacking myself in this second. He is starting to show who he is – keep it going, Marvin. Keep saving points for the yellow/blue army! Marvin Schwaebe is Match hero.

Match Zero:

Brøndby brought two players in from Hajduk Split before the start of the season. One of them is shining and the other one is not. That other one is Ante Erceg and he is Match zero today. He is really poor and nowhere near the potential of the man he man he was supposed to replace, Teemu Pukki. He need to be much better.

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