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Balls’ bets Dortmund – Club Brügge

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Result: 0-0, draw.

Many of us have been following Borussia Dortmund in their quest to once again win the Bundesliga. Now we are exited to see how far they can take it in Champions league. They are welcoming Club Brügge on Wednesday and I can only see one outcome. Dortmund are simply too strong and I imagine Dortmund winning comfortably. Club Brügge will be fighting to continue in Europe, but Dortmund will be too difficult to handle for the Belgians. Dortmund at home, the great yellow wall and a team with extreme confidence can only end up being too much for Club Brügge. I am a big fan of Dortmund and hope to see them win big in this Match.

Balls' bets 1:

Dortmund will win by 2 or more.

I can’t see this ending in any other way. Dortmund will be safe and ready for the finals with a win and they look extremely strong at the moment. Club Brügge are a decent team, but they are far from the level of Dortmund. Club Brügge will still have the chance to continue in Europe if they get a good result in the last Match against Atl. Madrid, who can be safe also, at home. Brügge will continue in Europe, but not in Champions league.

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