PSV – Barcelona


PSV played their chance at home, but Barcelona and Messi were too strong.

PSV – 1
Barcelona – 2


Lionel Messi, Gerard Pique, Luuk de Jong.

Played at:

Philips Stadion.


PSV had to play their chance in this match, but just like the one at Camp Nou,PSV were simply no match for Barca. The greatest of all time, aka. Lionel Messi  had a moment of brilliance, just like he have had a million times before. Surrounded by four, five PSV players, he scored what can very well turn out to be a classic. “El Presidente” made it two after a Lionel Messi assist, but was it a shot on goal? I think it was, but it was definitely also another assist to a man who just keep assisting. PSV got one back, but there were never any doubt about the, also because of a non stop performer in the Barca goal. Ter Stegen are another one who can help take Barca to the trophies they need.

Match hero:

There can only be one. Where would Barca be without Messi? Where would Messi be without Barca? This story is unique and the fact that he just keep performing is nothing short of crazy. Messi will join the likes of Xavi, Cruyff, Ronaldinho, Suarez and Iniesta on the list of Barca legends. Will he be the biggest one on that list? For now he is definitely “Match hero”.

Match Zero:

I’m not sure I can pick a “Match zero” today. Barca got their first place in the group with one match left and they did it away from home against the league leaders from the Eresdivise. I have to pick one though and that one will be Dembele. He didn’t perform badly, but I think we are allowed to expect more from him.  

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