Daddy Alves

Do NOT touch my little girl!

I get so angry everytime,
They touch my little girl,
She think she bleeds,
Doctors she needs,
Alves have to agree,

That hurt she is,
She’s going blind,
Evertime somebody try,
To play her with on the pitch,
It’s like she is dead inside,

Alves knows you’re mad,
And baby I’m your dad,
I will stand up evertime,
You need it when you’re sad,

But someday you have,
To check yourself,
Do you have a pussy,
Are you the man,
With skills and wealth,
Who does it all so cushy,

Neymar you have,
Me – your dad,
So hold your head up high,
You’re to the world,
The saddest fuck,
Spoiled prick no pride.

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