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Manchester City – Bournemouth

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Result: 3-1, Manchester City win.

Manchester City are the best team in the world at the moment, absolutely zero doubt about that. They are scoring like freaks and it doesn’t look like they are going to stop. Bournemouth can be a goalscoring team also. They are the best goalscoring team in the middle of the league and against Manchester City they will score. Manchester City are simply crazy and I’m thinking that this very well could be a match with more than three Citizen goals. They will start out as the clear favorites because of their strength and they will probably make the home fans smile once again. Many goals will be scored in this match and Bournemouth will travel to Manchester to surprise.

Balls' bets 1:

Over 2,5 goals.

I can’t see this ending in any other way. Manchester City keep doing their thing and they will play a team who score regularly also. the Citizens had a midweek match so Bournemouth will arrive to take advantage of that. A lot of goals will be scored and this will be an exiting match for the crowd.

Balls' bets 2:

Both teams will score.

This description could have been copy/pasted from above. I think, after losing a couple, Bournemouth will travel to Manchester with the thought of winning one. They will know it it’s the toughest test, so they will fight hard to not lose another one. Bournemouth is a decent team and it’s time they show it once again.

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