Player of November

Liverpool's November matches

2 wins, 1 draw, 2 defeats

Liverpool have not had a great month of November. Mostly because of the disappointing results in Champions league. Liverpool have not been good away from home, with defeats against Red Star and PSG. In the league they are still cruising though. New players still have to adapt and old players have been injured, but the manager and the city of Liverpool are still smiling. Who have been the best Liverpool players in the month of November?

Mohamed Salah:

Mo Salah had a better month of October, but it’s easy to see that he is feeling comfortable again. He scored against Watford and against Fulham, plus he has had a few assists. Salah is getting used to playing in  front and when Liverpool as a team gets used to the small formation change, Mo will shine once again. 

Salah, November rating:

Virgil Van Dijk:

How many defenders in the world of football is on Virgil’s level? Not many. He is tall, fast and strong. He can pass, shoot and tackle. Not only that, he seem to be performing every week. The perfect match to Joe Gomez, so Dejan Lovren need to be benched for good. Is Virgil the greatest defender in the world?

Virgil, November rating:

Andy Robertson:

The one and only Braveheart. The new Scottish captain and the clear choice on the left back position in Liverpool. He has taken Merseyside by storm and he keep performing. He must be one of the greatest left backs in the world when it comes to assisting. Robbo keeps performing in Liverpool and the fans love this young boy.

Robbo, November rating:

Liverpool player of November:

Virgil Van Dijk!

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