Brøndby – Hobro

Four in a row!

Hobro came to visit, but did anyone see them? Brøndby are on a hot streak!

Brøndby – 1
Hobro – 0


Simon Tibbling.

Played at:

Brøndby stadion.


Brøndby are beginning to show what they can do, with results that makes us think of our crazy unbeaten record from last year. Brøndby have now won four in a row and confidence are building up on the west side of Copenhagen. The players, the manager and the club are beginning to show their true colours once again. Everyone seems to be stepping up and the fight for silverware has begun. The two top teams in the league will be hard to catch, but this season can still be succesful if we can win the cup, for the second time in two years, and finish third in the league. As a fan Im exited all over – the yellow/blue army are once again making opponents think, when they are standing face to face with the power of Brøndby!

Match hero:

The goalscorer is the hero today. Coach has talked a lot about Simon needing to score more and assist more – he simply need to be more decisive. Why? Because he has the ability to be the greatest player in the league. Against Hobro he did it and he deserves it so much. Simon Tibbling is a fan favorite. We love to see him shine.

Match Zero:

I only saw one player who didn’t really shine. Ante Erceg. The problem with that is, that even when he sucks he fights and he run like his life depended on it. He has the right mind and spirit, but he need to step up in his quality on the ball. Let’s get going Ante. We trust you.

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