Liverpool – Everton

Derby win!

What a match and what a finish. Two Merseyside winners fought to the end.

Liverpool – 1
Everton – 0


Divock Origi.

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This match was destined to be great. Two legendary teams got together in a derby, where the history is bigger than most of the derbies out there. Once it was a fight between champions, but now it is a fight to win the respect of the city of Liverpool. The red side had the home advantage, but it took six minutes of overtime to send the spectators towards mad joy. I guarantee that babies was made last night. Divock Origi decided the match – what a story. He has had a very difficult time, the last year or so with a Wolfsburg loan deal and very few goals to speak for his abilities. Against Everton he got what he deserved. He played very good when he came of the bench and just seconds before the final whistle, he did it!

Match hero:

I can’t remember seeing a hero in this match. Sadio Mané was by far the best player on the pitch, but he missed to many open chances to get the match hero today. The hero of this match will be the one who decided the win for the reds. Divock Origi took his chance, when he scored the goal seconds before the referee ended it.

Match Zero:

I saw a couple of zeroes in this match. It pains me to say, but Liverpool are not good at the moment – offensively. Firmino is really not performing at the moment and he is getting the match zero today. He has a tough time passing, shooting and dribbling and he could have cost Liverpool against Everton. Get up Bobby!

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