Balls’ bets. Liverpool – Southampton

Balls’ Bets 16.00 Saturday 22nd September 2018 Today Liverpool will take on Southampton home at Anfield. Liverpool have played at mid week Champions league game and had it been last season, I would not have been so sure of a Liverpool win. This season is different – Liverpool have a bench with Shakiri, Fabinho, Sturridge, Lovren, Moreno etc. This Liverpool does not have to suffer, … Continue reading Balls’ bets. Liverpool – Southampton

Balls’ Bets. Man city – Lyon & Valencia – Juventus

Balls’ Bets 21.00 Wednesday 19th September 2018 The first bet today lies in the Manchester city – Lyon game. The two teams can’t be compared in any way and I can only see one outcome. Manchester city will win comfortably. Their attacking qualities are to great of a threat for Lyon to make a difference tonight. Lyon have qualities, don’t get me wrong, but the … Continue reading Balls’ Bets. Man city – Lyon & Valencia – Juventus

Balls’ Bets. Liverpool – PSG

Balls’ Bets 21.00 Tuesday 18th September 2018 Tonight Liverpool will take on PSG at Anfield and what a game it will be. The Europen nights at Anfield are always very special and tonight will be no different. PSG will be arriving arrogant, with big thoughts about themself, but I think Liverpool will surprise them. Liverpool are dangerous at home and they will show it today. … Continue reading Balls’ Bets. Liverpool – PSG

Balls’ Bets. Tottenham – Liverpool

Balls’ Bets 13.30 Saturday 15th September 2018 Tomorrow Tottenham will take on Liverpool at Wembley. Tottenham will need a win after their defeat against Watford – it will not happen tomorrow. First, because Tottenham are missing first team players, which will definitely help Liverpool. Second, because Liverpool are arriving with confidence. Conclusion, the game will be one for the spectators and goals WILL be scored. The … Continue reading Balls’ Bets. Tottenham – Liverpool

Balls’ Bets. Watford – Tottenham

Balls’ Bets 17.00 Sunday 2nd September 2018 Sunday is London derby day and Im thinking it maybe quite awesome. For the first time since I can’t remember, this game will be 50/50 with goals from both sides. First, because Watford are kind of shocking everyone, with their Premier league start. Second, because Tottenham have three starlets in Kane, Eriksen an Dele Alli. Conclusion, The game … Continue reading Balls’ Bets. Watford – Tottenham