The art of midfielding

The art of midfielding What makes a great midfielder? Dribling? Passing? Agility? Power? Mind? Shooting? Confidence? First of all it must be the mind. The greatest midfielders have some of it all of course, because the mind must be just right to be a champion. We have had many champions, also players who are not on this list. Barcelona are known for their attacking football and many of … Continue reading The art of midfielding

The art of defending

The art of defending What makes a great defender? Stamina? Endurance? Strenght? Charisma? Power? Tackling? Passing? Its difficult to put a finger on one thing. First of all the perfect defender probably needs a mix of all of the above, but most importantly – they must have a warriors instinct. I want a tackler who can pass through the middle and set attackers up to score. Maybe … Continue reading The art of defending